A1 Padel PaySpace Cape Town Master 2023
In collaboration with Storymakers

Project Information
In 2023, the A1Padel Cape Town Master returned to the Mother City for the second time. The main objectives of the communications roll-out included amplification of the event, pushing the sale of tickets and growing the local A1Padel social media presence. In partnership with our long-time collaborator, Storymakers, Chimera Creative established direct lines of communication with the global A1Padel communications team, the event commentators and the events team to ensure a successful communications strategy for the event.

Image: A1Padel

With it being only the second time that this leg of the international event was hosted in Cape Town and with padel still being a relatively new sport, our approach began with establishing relationships with key sporting and mainstream media outlets across South Africa, introducing both journalists and the public to padel. To gain share of voice on social media — a key driver to engage with the public — the Chimera team began building a dedicated fanbase/audience from scratch by creating a new Facebook page for A1Padel Cape Town, renaming and rebuilding an existing Instagram account, growing the audience organically by posting regularly and engaging with the audience through Likes, reshares, follows and comments, hosting competitions, and collaborating with the sponsor and global A1Padel accounts to reach wider audiences (many outside of SA).


Over the very short one-month period of the campaign, we achieved 23 pieces of coverage with a total PR value of ZAR3,075,460 million and an audience reach of 5,354,176 million across predominantly Tier 1 media. The Chimera team were able to secure broadcast interview opportunities to drive tournament awareness and target ticket sales on Cape Talk, Expresso (see clip above) and Fine Music Radio, as well as a feature on China Global Television (CGTN), with interviews with the owner and promoter of A1Padel.

Social achieved similar success, with Instagram gaining a 92% increase in followers and 167,620 impressions over the campaign period. On Facebook, the team reached 104,137 accounts and recorded an overwhelming 7,861 engagements.


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