Usage Policy: Generative AI Tools

1 Introduction

1.1 Thank you for visiting the Chimera Creative website. This usage policy sets out how the Chimera Corp group of companies ('Chimera Creative' or 'we', 'our', 'us' or related terms) uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the work we produce for ourselves and clients. As a creative agency, we endeavour to be at the forefront of technology, however, we remain committed to being ethical and appropriately circumspect in our approach to said technology. 

2 Text generators

2.1 We do not publish or produce written copy with text generated by AI, except when the fact that the text is AI-generated is the point of the story, campaign or project. In these instances, we will ensure we disclose the use and flag any errors, where applicable. Current gen AI tools have been proven to be prone to both bias and errors. They also produce monotonous, uninteresting and unoriginal writing. As creatives who are committed to quality content that best expresses complex ideas, we believe that gen AI can assist and support our work but cannot replicate or create the work for us. Additionally, a gen AI tool may inadvertently plagiarise copyrighted work and if a writer, editor, artist, videographer, photographer, illustrator, animator or other type of creator ('creator') working for us uses it to create text for publication without disclosure, we will treat it as plagiarism.

2.2 We do not publish text edited by gen AI. Using AI to cut copy may not present the same challenges as creating a story from scratch, however, it presents risks of its own, including introducing factual errors or changes in meaning. We believe that editing still requires a lot of human input as it is human judgement that depends on an understanding of a subject, an audience and other culturally relevant information that ultimately ensures the content created is original, entertaining and suitable. 

2.3 We may use gen AI for idea generation, including suggestions for headlines, text for short social media posts and brainstorming. The majority of our ideas are generated manually and are approved by an editor or creative director for accuracy and relevancy. Using a gen AI tool will not change this process substantively and we will continue to explore how it can be useful. In instances where gen AI tools are used to assist in brainstorming, human input will remain invaluable in evaluating the worth of the generated ideas and how they can be improved on and implemented. Where possible, we will acknowledge the sources and/or tools used to assist us in generating information.

2.4 We may experiment with using gen AI tools for research, analytics, automation and data collection, amongst others. As technology companies such as Google, Microsoft and Meta incorporate AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities into their search engines and programs, our creators may use these tools to find information, summarise their notes or collect data — however, they will be required to provide their original sources for fact-checking purposes.

3 Image generators

3.1 As a creative agency that supports the work of other creatives, Chimera Creative specifically selects to commission photographers, videographers, illustrators and other creators or make use of stock visuals instead of using AI-generated imagery for campaigns and projects where AI is not the central focus. We believe that all creators should be compensated fairly for the work they produce and until generative AI companies develop ways to compensate creators, we remain committed to commissioning and compensating the creators for the use of their visuals.

3.2 We may use AI-generated images or video in our projects from time to time, where the project requirements call for the use of such imagery or video. In these instances, we recognise that the majority of AI-generative tools have been trained on datasets of information, artworks and image libraries that may be copyrighted and that in some countries, there are laws prohibiting such use. We endeavour to ensure we do not infringe on the rights of artists, creators and other copyright holders and will disclose when we use AI-generated imagery or video as well as get permission from the correct persons, where applicable.

3.3 Chimera Creative or the creators we commission may use gen AI as a basis for our visual ideas. If a creator uses this visual equivalent to brainstorming to produce concepts, we may require them to create original visuals using traditional methods of production and not use an AI-generative tool to reproduce what another AI-generative tool has suggested.

4 Changes to this policy

4.1 We recognise that AI and ML are constantly developing and may modify our perspective and the ways in which Chimera Creative and its employees and creators use generative AI tools over time. As we strive to improve our practices, we may review this policy from time to time and reserve the right to change this policy at any time and to notify you of those changes by posting an updated version of this policy on our website. It is your responsibility to check our policy each time before you access our website for any changes. Should you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please send them to


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