The IAB South Africa Bookmark Awards 2022
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In 2022, the IAB South Africa Bookmark Awards underwent some big changes. These included a new Jury President and the first in-person event after two years of pandemic restrictions. Chimera’s core objective was to amplify that the Awards were back for its 14th year, introduce the new Jury President and get industry stakeholders excited to enter. Additionally, as the day of the awards ceremony drew closer, we had to create excitement and anticipation for the first in-person Bookmarks event in two years.


Amid the constraints of public holidays and news-driven stories, our team pre-planned PR roll-outs relating to big announcements such as those of Bookmarks' finalists and winners, approaching media partners early with important announcements to ensure coverage broke as scheduled. To gain traction with the Bookmarks’ target audiences, we repurposed content from media releases for mailers and on social media. For wider reach, we also approached new media types as well as pitched interviews to broadcast media.


To ensure widespread yet consistent reach, our PR and social media plans worked together ahead of the event. On the night of the event, a predetermined content strategy ensured we trended on social — despite the social team being in a completely different city to the event!

Across a five-month period leading up to and including the Bookmark Awards event, the Bookmark Awards were featured in 95% Tier 1 media, specifically trade, business and news media that the target audience was most likely to engage with, and reached more than 2.2 million people. Our approach was so successful that we were invited to work on Bookmarks 2023, too.





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